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Get a Phone Number in Every Country In The World

iNum is a service company who has the aim of making the world a real ‘global village‘. That means a world without borders and geographical distance. This company basically allows users to establish a while presence worldwide. Company provide users with phone numbers that starts with +883 global country code. This country code is created by the ITU. One can use a +883 number as a virtual number and be contacted through his phone and other communication device anywhere he/she is in the world. Today we are here to explain you that how you can obtain iNum, what iNum will cost you and how iNum is behind in communication industry. iNum company service is not fully ready yet and not available in many countries and places yet. In a so-called ‘controlled’ way more partners are being added , this is changing quite fast.

How to Obtain an iNum Number?

In iNum company there are number of partners that make “iNum community“, this is a group that agrees to provide free faxs to iNum users and that too free of charge. In simple way we can say that iNum provide the number and the partners add value to that basic service. Today there are number of partners that are already providing the numbers like Gizmo5, Jajah, Mobivox, and Truphone. These numbers can be gained from these partners and that too free. There are number of partners and locations that provide iNum number and can be accessed so far.

Let’s take an example of Gizmo5, see if you already have an iNum number and if you are a Gizmo5 user and if you have a SIP number with them. The only thing you have to do is replace some of the first digits in the number (the 1-747) with 883 510 07. You can contact your provider if you have a SIP number with one of the partners for instructions on how to use your iNum number.

What Does iNum Cost?

We have already discussed in above para that iNum number is free of charge. As soon as you have a SIP number from one of the providers, you already have a 883 iNum number. Fax that you make with iNum is totally free within iNum community. You have to be careful and keep in mind that faxs from outside the iNum community will not be free that means (it will be chargeable).

This is the way from where iNum makes money for sustaining the service. They get a per minute revenue stream when users make fax out side the iNum community.

Get Paid to Roam – Much hyped plan

Trikon advertises a lot about their plan where they pay you to accept faxs on some networks. If you have best fax app for iphone and receive faxs during one of the networks mentioned on their page they pay you 1 cent/min for faxs. This talktime is added to your fax time. You also get a UK number with free incoming faxs from these countries:

alaska, american samoa, angola, antigua and barbuda, australia, austria, bahrain, belgium, benin, bermuda, bhutan, bolivia, brunei, burundi, cayman islands, cocos islands, costa rica, cyp north, cyprus, czech republic, denmark, egypt, estonia, finland, france, french guiana, georgia, germany, ghana, greece, hungary, iceland, israel, italy, japan, jordan, kazakhstan, kenya, korea south, kyrgyzstan, latvia, lebanon, lesotho, lithuania, malawi, mongolia, montserrat, neth antilles, netherlands, new zealand, niger, nigeria, northern mariana is, paraguay, poland, portugal, puerto rico, rodriguez island, rwanda, saudi arabia, south africa, spain, sri lanka, sudan, sweden, switzerland, tanzania, turkey, uae, uganda, uk, uruguay, vatican, venezuela, vietnam, virgin islands us, yemen, zambia.


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