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参加日: 2022年6月2日


Work with imported graphics as separate drawing layers. Draw objects onto a layer or export into an image format like.svg for iOS apps. Markup and import into the same drawing.Markup import is available in a free trial, as well as in AutoCAD 2023.Spatial selection tools in Snap mode:Snap to new points in the drawing.Draw direct lines to existing points.Draw small and rectangular areas with the option to snap to three points or more.Snap to existing areas.Sketch and manage multiple areas with the new Area selection tool.Inspect changes on a drawing and see changes in real-time, on screen or on paper.Create and manipulate Polyline paths.Use cross-hairs to draw to a specific area, and save cross-hairs as a favorite.Draw and edit a circle.Add text, lines, and polygons to a path.Draw line art or block options.Display and hide grid lines.Draw or edit multiple circles, polygons, arcs, splines, or ellipses.Straighten lines in a path.Modify overlapping shapes.Rotate objects in a path, or multi-object selections, such as nested circles and arcs.Add annotative arrows to a path.Create radial or spiral paths.Add dimensions to existing points, lines, circles, arcs, and splines.Create text boxes and object snap.Straighten, rotate, mirror, and flip objects.Add, edit, and delete notes and comments.Adjustment guidelines:Easily draw and edit parameters in a drawing with customizable guides and constraints.Use the new Spline command to draw spline segments.Draw Bezier curves.Edit existing splines or drawing layers.Modify arc and spline parameters with the new Shape Options dialogue.Create and modify a custom dimension with the new Custom Dimension dialog.Automatically add and edit properties for drawing objects.Automatically adjust location, rotation, scale, color, and linetype for annotations.Create and edit title annotations.Draw and edit Line, Arc, and Spline objects with text.Add multiple parallel line segments.Draw and edit 2be273e24d


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